Families doing a sit in in Adana: Remove the isolation


ADANA - The families of the prisoners who are on hunger strike demanding the removal of the isolation on PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, demanded the isolation to be removed.

Families of the prisoners on hunger strike and in a death fast organized a sit in to draw attention to the demand of their children. Families and People's Democratic Party (HDP) PM Tülay Hatimoğulları, representatives of HDP, DBP, HDK and Çukurova TUAY-DER executives attended the sit in in İsmet İnönü Park.The police who blockaded the park, ran the citizens in general information screening (GBT). Latife Aydın made a speech despite all the interventions of the police. 
Aydın who stated that they wanted peace, democracy and unity, said: "The isolation on Öcalan is the same isolation on the Kurdish community.Our prisoners are being subjected to insults and cruelty. We are mothers, this situation tears our hearts out. Those who are in prisons are a part of us. They are our children. They are the children of the people. Remove the isolation on Öcalan. We will be out here everyday saying this again and again. Bijî berxwedana zindana. Peace, peace, peace."
The group went to HDP district building after the statement.