13:46 actual
Prisoners' statement : We end our hunger strike and death fast actions
13:42 editor's pick
Leyla Güven : Our resistance have reached its goal
12:30 editor's pick
Öcalan calls on to the hunger strikers: I'm waiting for your action to end
14:56 actual
Yiğit who is on hunger strike for 141 days: Our hunger strike action is getting results
14:56 actual
Families in Gebze: We will stand with our children everywhere
11:12 actual
They were electrocuted from their genitals
11:11 actual
Hunger strike action of Leyla Güven left behind 199 days while the death fasts are on 26th
18:20 actual
HDP MP's on hunger strike recieved Öcalan's message
18:02 actual
Statement from the attorneys of Öcalan: We will share the details of the meeting ASAP
16:19 actual
March after sit in in Diyarbakır
15:18 actual
Wikipedia takes Turkey’s ban to the ECHR
15:17 actual
Mother of prisoner on hunger strike: We are their voice outside
15:16 actual
Saturday Mothers awarded Human Rights, Peace and Democracy award
15:14 actual
10 more people released in Halfeti described the torture
12:59 actual
4 more people were taken under custody in Halfeti
12:08 actual
The questions about the hunger strikes declared 'informal press shares'
11:21 actual
'The isolation will end, there is no other way'
10:10 actual
Hassass who continues his hunger strike at home: Everyone should assume responsibility
09:53 actual
Öcalan's attorney Köklü: CPT must announce their report on their visit
09:22 actual
Hunger strike action of Leyla Güven left behind 198 days while the death fasts are on 25th
21:13 actual
A released detainee in Halfeti: They electrocuted and sexually assaulted me
16:18 actual
Books and radios of the hunger strikers in Giresun Prison was confiscated
14:22 actual
Prosecution of those who supported the academicians starts
14:09 actual
Citizens: We don't know what will happen to us if we speak
13:18 actual
Leyla Güven's elder sister: Leylê is a courageous woman
12:20 actual
11 years imprisonment requested for Canan Kaftancıoğlu
11:45 actual
The sentenced given to Nevin Yıldırım was aapproved by the Supreme Court
10:59 actual
Mother of Fidan who is on hunger strike: I'll be out on the streets despite the threat of the police
10:59 actual
Muratoğlu brothers on hunger strike: The isolation will break with resistance
09:51 actual
Hunger strike action of Leyla Güven left behind 197 days while the death fasts are on 24th
15:27 actual
AYM rejected the application of Osman Kavala
15:00 actual
4 People detained in Mersin
14:57 actual
Mothers staged a sit in against all prevention in Gebze
14:31 actual
'Minister of Justice must apply the law ASAP'
14:15 actual
3 children amongst the 47 detainees in Halfeti was released
14:11 actual
Relatives of the prisoners marched from Bakırköy Prison to Şirinevler
14:01 actual
Death fast activist Özdemir: Our only option is to prevail
13:53 actual
Mothers who faxed the Ministry of Justice marched to the Koşuyolu Park
11:11 actual
Attorneys are on the way to İmralı to meet with Öcalan
10:31 actual
Remarkable action for hunger strikes from the grocery owner!
09:46 actual
Mother whose son on hunger strike for 82 days: Tears fills our dining table
09:46 actual
Hunger strike action of Leyla Güven on its 196th day, death fasts are on the 23rd day
15:35 actual
Images of torture in Urfa appeared: those who have difficulty walking, are being dragged on the floor
15:35 actual
ÖHD: Torture in Urfa is a collective punishment against Kurds
14:16 actual
Deposition under oppression and torture in URFA Counter- Terrorism Unit
14:16 actual
Another application from the lawyers of Öcalan
14:15 actual
Searching for justice 1.217 kilometers away at the age of 71
12:20 actual
From 'zero tolerance to torture', to torture in police station
11:59 actual
Prisoners in Patnos: If anything happens to us, the person responsible is the first manager
11:59 actual
Prisoners in Van Type T Prison are being provoked